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GroeX is a trade for organization sports events, bike and hiking tours and renting sports equipment. Our aim is to rise the level of quality in our region for all outdoor lovers.

We dedicate special attention to the fans of mountain biking and road cycling and hiking, group on family vacation, as well as sports amateurs and even experienced athletes. We do our best for everyone, trying to find the best cycling tracks and rented bicycles as possible, appropriate to one’s needs. Regarding the fact that our region offers the most beautiful natural lookout points, surrounded by the most difficult tracks.

Licensed bike guides will take care so you don’t get lost in the area, but if you still want to enjoy exploring the area by yourself, very handy navigation equipment with marked bike trails will guide you through the bike trails of area surrounding Grobnik and Gorski kotar. If you want to try others outdoors sports in our region we are happy to help by providing information, renting equipment as well as finding a qualified person to guide you whether you are fan of mountaineering, paragliding, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, skydiving or horse riding.

For all things you want to do, there are people and places where you can fully enjoy the area you are in, and we are here to help you find them.